The Waterloo Adventist Hospital provides some of the highest quality care in the country to thousands of people per month. However, 70% of our patients cannot pay their full bill. We work hard to make sure our prices are low even when compared to government-subsidized hospitals. Because our hospital never turns anyone away, revenue from our patients cannot maintain all the costs of the hospital operations and development without external support.

Please consider one of the following gift items:

Malaria Treatment

Often, parents cannot afford treatment. So they do not bring their children to the hospital until they are having seizures. For a one time donation, you can provide malaria treatment for one child.

Staff Salary

The staff are the backbone of the hospital. Because many of our patients can’t even pay for our reduced fees, salary issues make retention difficult for our most educated staff, especially nurses.

COVID relief

Help support both renovations and continued operation of the hospital during this difficult time.

Staff Uniforms

Without a standard uniform, it’s very difficult for patients and visitors to know the roles of each staff. Help us create a hospital-wide uniform for the first time.

Sponsor a Surgery

Repairing a man’s hernia so he can return to work and support his family is life-changing for many people. Currently, for many of our operations, the patient fees are below the cost of the surgery. Sponsor a surgery to support an entire family.

Equipment Maintenance

AHI has sponsored one of our staff to become certified in Biomedical Engineering. This allows the hospital to have the expertise to fix any of its broken equipment. However, every good work requires good instruments