History of AHS

March 16

Registration of AHS

Adventist Health System was registered as an official health care entity in Sierra Leone

January 1

Start of operation

AHS performance began on Soldiar Street, Freetown. At that time only the services of pharmacy and medical consultation were rendered with Dr. Rubén Rustan.

January 1

Expansion of services

The facilities were moved to Bathurst Street, Freetown, and the laboratory service began to be offered. Surgeries were also performed, which were done to patients in Waterloo who continued their treatment in Freetown, Dr. Elma Ribeyro started working as a Medical Director.

January 1

Relocation in Waterloo

Due to the logistical difficulties encountered in conducting surgeries in Waterloo and providing other medical services in Freetown, all services were relocated to Waterloo.

January 1

Expansion of the beds

A new ward was built increasing the beds capacity to 20.

January 1

Construction of rooms for staff

Two rooms for staff were built.

January 1

Construction of Laundry and Garage

The modernization of the hospital continued with the construction of the laundry and garage buildings

January 27

First Mobile Clinic

In this year AHS started offering the service of mobile clinic in the areas around Waterloo with a programm called “Rural & Evanglism Outreach”.

February 27

New doctor with an objective

At this time Dr. Felix came to the hospital with the objective of finding a local doctor for AHS, since 2008 the hospital faced a difficult season because Dr. Ribeyro left and there was no doctor available for two years.

January 1

Improvement of Water Resources and Volunteers

A new water well was built and volunteers from different parts of the world began to come to Waterloo Hospital, helping in the area of nursing and providing medical training to the staff.

February 27

New local doctor for AHS

Dr. Felix fulfilled his objective by providing the means for Dr. Koroma to begin working for AHS. Thanks to this from that time the hospital has not had difficulties again due to lack of doctors.

August 24

Ebola Crisis


The Ebola crisis came to Sierra Leone, the hospital remained open to serve the community, unfortunately one patient infected 3 hospital members, the hospital was quarantined for 25 days, 3 staff members were infected, one survived. After the quarantine the hospital served the country as ETC (Ebola Treatment Center) until the Ebola crisis ended.

November 17

Waterloo Hospital Re-Opened

The hospital was re-opened with Dr. Koroma as Medical Director

April 1

New Medical Director


Dr. Scott Gardner and his wife Bekki Gardner, a couple of missionaries from the United States came to serve in the hospital. Currently Dr. Scott Gardner is the hospital’s Medical Director.