Ebola Crisis

When the Ebola crisis hit Sierra Leone in 2014 most medical facilities were closed because of the danger of infection. Faced with this situation Adventist Health System staff decided not to close their doors and knowing the risks continued to serve the community. Unfortunately one of the patients who entered the hospital for treatment was infected with the Ebola virus, hospital personnel were unaware that this patient had escaped from an ETC (Ebola Treatment Center). The next day the District Health Medical Team (DHMT) Ebola Surveillance Officers arrived at the hospital alerting the patient’s situation and placing all the hospital staff in quarantine for 25 days. It was one of the most difficult times for the hospital, 3 staff members were infected and one survived. After the quarantine the hospital served the country as ETC (Ebola Treatment Center) until the Ebola crisis ended.

To read the expanded story of this crisis visit the blog of the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Scott Gardner clicking here.

In the next video, Dalton Kabia, the only survivor of staff infected by Ebola tells of his difficult experience:

Below you can see the report “War Front – Sierra Leone surviving the Ebola crisis” made by Adventist Health International about Ebola: