Loma Linda PA/Pharmacy Trip 2019

In December 2019 a team of 11 physician assistant students, two pharmacy students, and two professors spent two weeks at AHS hospital. They sacrificed being with their families for their Christmas vacation to join us in our work in the hospital. The students saw patients in the wards and outpatient department as well as assisted in the operating room.  Due to their support, we were able to go on extra mobile clinic trips to remote villages. Each student gave a presentation on health or medication topics to improve the knowledge of the staff in the hospital. They provided advanced training and certificates in obtaining vital signs for our nurses. They were a huge help and a big blessing to us all. 

It wasn’t all work as we took two trips to the beach and a 3 hour boat ride to the historic Bunce Island. 

We are grateful for their generosity and willingness to serve. Besides the cost of the trip to Africa, they also gifted the hospital four continuous vital monitoring machines, thermometers, and blood pressure cuffs. Some left donations which we are using to remove the disease-ridden pigeons from inside the ceiling of the hospital. 

We saw God working through these volunteers and hope there will be many more trips in the future! 

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